As James Fallows, National Correspondent for The Atlantic, states, “America’s universities are the crucial connection between the U.S. and China.”

The importance of China / US exchange programs was further confirmed by the US Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings in 2012. According to Secretary Spellings:

The United States is “deadly serious” about promoting educational co-operation and exchanges with China. Her recent delegation to China, consisting of 12 US university presidents, was the first ever high-profile delegation of US college and university presidents to China. She came away convinced that, “Education co-operation and exchanges between the United States and China must continue to develop rapidly in upcoming years.”

With 21st Century International Cultural Exchange as your recruitment partner, university students searching for institutions like yours receive the most accurate and up-to-date information. We strive to find the best fit for these Chinese students, sending the right students to the right institutions. These students understand that an overseas education is a path to reaching educational objectives as well as career and life goals.


Information about specific programs is rarely available in Chinese. This makes it very difficult for families to compare education opportunities for potential students. As a result, often the most important criterion for a family’s decision to apply is based solely on institution rankings. 21st Century International Exchange takes a different approach. We engage directly with potential students to provide a forum to explain the broad range of opportunities that cannot be accurately measured by an overall ranking.

For universities seeking to expand their programs to China, we understand that the best way to learn about China is to study in China. Even a short study tour to China would immensely stimulate your students’ interest in learning Chinese. The study tour to China is an ideal opportunity for students to learn and improve their Chinese language skills, explore China, and experience Chinese culture firsthand. Studying Chinese language and culture in China offers a unique experience. Your students will gain valuable insight about the Chinese people and culture by exploring the country and interacting with local Chinese students and teachers—an experience and knowledge that is possible only in China.

If you are interested in bringing your students on a study tour to China anytime during the year, we would be able to help set up a program and find a host school for you. Many universities and institutions in China offer language and culture courses for foreign students, both short-term and long-term. We handle applications for a number of universities and institutes in China.