21st Century International Cultural Exchange believes that exchange between high school students is a fantastic way for students who have a passion for foreign languages and culture to expand their horizons. We have programs in place for both individuals traveling on their own and high schools interested in sister school relationships.

For individuals, we encourage you to visit a country of striking natural formations and ancient architecture. China is an awe-inspiring, friendly, and delightful country. Discover this land of centuries-old temples and imperial palaces set amidst gleaming skyscrapers, and become part of one of the most dynamic societies in the world as you live with a host family and attend an academically elite school.


Colleges are starting to recommend high school study abroad experiences – as these programs provide the opportunity to develop confidence and self-reliance before pursuing higher education. In addition, after exploring the world you may have a clearer vision of what you’d like to study in college. An exchange program also boosts college applications and gives you an immediate advantage when applying for scholarships.

For high schools seeking a sister school relationship, we have high schools in China that are very interested in building a relationship with you. The primary activities of our sister school relationships include (1) bilateral visits by both teachers and students to participate in and communicate educational, teaching and learning practices and experiences, (2) an exchange of textbooks, teaching materials, and academic research achievements, and (3) setting up of pen pal relationships to form strong friendship bonds.