About Us

slide-121st Century International Cultural Exchange is an international exchange organization committed to providing the ultimate study or travel abroad experience to individuals visiting the United States from China. Based in San Francisco, California, 21st Century International Cultural Exchange coordinates university academic programs, high school exchange programs, business training programs, and US-based travel opportunities in order to foster greater understanding between two of the most influential countries in the world today.

21st Century International Cultural Exchange’s mission is to cultivate a deeper appreciation of Chinese and American culture by having individuals share experiences unique to their customs and ways of life.

We recognize the need for Chinese individuals seeking a more advanced knowledge of the United States to have the opportunity to attend a US-based university, high school or training program. We have arrangements with a number of fully accredited institutions that offer Chinese individuals the opportunity to earn a college degree, participate in high school level activities or further develop their business and professional skills.

We are uniquely positioned to provide these services by having representatives slide-1in both China and the United States to assist with all parts of the process and to support individuals from initial interest in visiting the United States to assistance with all their arrangements once they arrive.