Chinese Ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai spoke recently and described the US-China relationship as:

“the most important as well as the most sensitive, the most comprehensive as well as the most complex, and the most promising as well as the most challenging international relationship.”


United States Secretary of State John Kerry responded as follows:

“All of those attributes noted by Ambassador Cui are true, but I would respectfully add one more to that list: The U.S.-China relationship is the most consequential in the world today, period, and it will do much to determine the shape of the 21st century.”

At 21st Century International Cultural Exchange we agree with these esteemed diplomats and believe that now, more than ever, it is imperative that the US and China share in international exchange. Our mission is to cultivate a deeper appreciation of Chinese and American culture by having individuals share experiences unique to their customs and ways of life.

To fully respond to our mission, 21st Century International Culture Exchange creates solutions designed to bring quality Chinese individuals to quality client institutions through dedication and innovation. Our methods, values and strategy establish us as industry pioneers. Our experience, professionalism and innovation empower us to be industry leaders.